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Free Agency 2014: Dansby to Browns, Veldheer to Cardinals

PHOENIX -- After rejuvenating his career with the Cardinals in 2013, Karlos Dansby is cashing in big next season, as sources have confirmed that Dansby has signed a 4 year, $24 million deal with the Cleveland Browns. Obviously this deal is a heartbreaker for the Cardinals, who wanted to retain him but couldn't agree on a price. The 32 year old Dansby is expected to be a key contributor to the Browns defense, who just lost D'Qwell Jackson to the Colts.

While the Cardinals did lose a big asset, they may have added one as well. The team has reportedly signed former Oakland Raiders LT Jared Veldheer to a 5 year, $35 million deal. Veldheer played four season for the Raiders, but was injured most of last season due to a torn triceps tendon. Veldheer is regarded as one of the up-and-coming linemen in the league, which is great news for the Cardinals. 

How do you think the Cardinals are handling free agency this year? Tell us in the comments!

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Bledsoe to Suns: "I'm Ready to Play"

PHOENIX -- After months of rehabilitating, Eric Bledsoe is finally ready to come back on the court. Bledsoe is expected to return within the next week to the Suns, who lost to the Warriors today 113-107. The Suns, who currently sit in 9th place in the west, could really use a healthy Bledsoe right now, as they try to sneak back into the playoffs.

At 36-26, the Suns have been the story of the year. But with so many teams cramming for spots in the playoffs, the Suns are in a dangerous place. They are not in a position to lose games. Hopefully with the return of Bledsoe, it won't be a problem.

How do you think Bledsoe's return will impact the Suns? Can they still make the playoffs? Tell us in the comments!

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NFL Uniforms Redesigned by Jesse Alkire

PHOENIX -- Designer Jesse Alkire released redesigns of every NFL uniform a few days ago. And they are amazing. Although not every team went through major redesigns, all of the uniforms look astonishingly better than the current ones. Here are some more pictures of the Cardinals redesigns:

Here's a pic of all three uniform designs by Alkire. The set includes a new red home jersey and white away jersey, along with three different colored pants: red, white, and grey.

Arizona Cardinals redesigned white home pants.

Here's what Alkire had to say about his reasonings for the Cardinals' designs:

Limited the use of black to an accent color. Numbers inspired by the team's custom type. Cues from the primary logo influence the sleeve design. Feather/sunburst stitching on the shoulders and helmet, taking cues from the Arizona flag and cardinal feathers.

To see the rest of the uniforms, click here:

What do you think of his designs? Tell us in the comments!

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