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Suns Reluctant to Unveil New Uniforms

PHOENIX-- Still no luck for any Phoenix Suns fans who are anxious to see the new uniforms the team will be wearing for the 2013-2014 NBA season. Although, we did get a pretty good idea of what it might look like from the latest sneak peak that the Suns released. 

The picture shows a white jersey with an orange collar and what appears to be the newer 'SUNS' word logo that the team unveiled last month.

Many disgruntled fans have criticized the team's new logos, arguing that the Suns are trying to get rid of the color purple. The Suns have denied these claims, and responded more by releasing a photo of Suns 1st round draft pick Alex Len ripping his shirt off in a Superman fashion with a new Suns purple uniform underneath. This purple uniform is most likely the Suns new road uniform.

This picture shows the difference between the Suns new and old uniforms. As you can see, they replaced most of the purple in the logos with black.


Here is the aforementioned photo of Alex Len and the new road uniform. It looks like they are keeping some purple after all.

This is the fourth time in franchise history that the team has changed the look of the uniform. The uniforms that the Suns wore primarily last year are the uniforms that the team has worn since 2000. In my opinion, it was time for a change.