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Patrick Peterson Has Star Potential On Offense

PHOENIX-- Patrick Peterson's career as an all-pro playmaker on defense and special-teams has been more than exceptional. Bruce Arians seems to have noticed, and is now testing him out on a different side of the ball.

Training Camp has given a lot of insight for the Cardinals coaches, who are trying to jumpstart a team that lost 11 of their last 12 games a season ago. 

Think of Patrick Peterson as a Devin Hester like player; explosive on kick returns an a offensive weapon that, in the right system, can become a breakout star. Peterson has all the physical tools to explode onto the scene. Granted he stays healthy, and the Cardinals don't overuse him, he has the potential to become a star on both sides of the football.

There is no guarantee that the Cardinals will actually use Peterson in their system, but the idea of Peterson as an offensive weapon for the Cardinals is pretty intriguing. 

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