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Will the Suns Make the Playoffs?

PHOENIX -- The Suns have been the biggest surprise of this NBA season, profoundly exceeding expectations. After producing 35 wins so far in a year where they were not expected to eclipse 20, the Suns have suddenly become one of the most fun teams to watch. 

Do they have what it takes to stay in the playoff race? Even with the 35 wins, they currently place 7th in the playoff standings and are tied with the 8th place Dallas Mavericks. 

I wouldn't be too afraid of the Suns losing their spot if the Memphis Grizzlies would lose some more games. The Grizzlies are currently out of the playoff race, but only by one game. There are nine teams in the Western Conference playoff race. Eight will make the playoffs. The Grizzlies are winning games, and I wouldn't be surprised if they snatch a spot near the end of the regular season. Let's just hope that spot isn't the Suns'.

Do the Suns have what it takes to stay alive, or will they fade out of contention? Tell us in the comments!

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