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Bledsoe to Suns: "I'm Ready to Play"

PHOENIX -- After months of rehabilitating, Eric Bledsoe is finally ready to come back on the court. Bledsoe is expected to return within the next week to the Suns, who lost to the Warriors today 113-107. The Suns, who currently sit in 9th place in the west, could really use a healthy Bledsoe right now, as they try to sneak back into the playoffs.

At 36-26, the Suns have been the story of the year. But with so many teams cramming for spots in the playoffs, the Suns are in a dangerous place. They are not in a position to lose games. Hopefully with the return of Bledsoe, it won't be a problem.

How do you think Bledsoe's return will impact the Suns? Can they still make the playoffs? Tell us in the comments!

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